Protect Your Phone With Virus Free Ringtones

Protect your phone with virus free ringtones

It should come as no surprise to learn there are millions of cell phone subscribers all around the world. Everywhere you turn you see people talking, texting, browsing the internet or checking emails on their phones. Cell phone technology gets better every day and as convenient as improvement is for us the security issues that grow right along with it should be cause for concern.

The rate of cell phone viruses is growing with each passing day and even if you have not as yet been affected it is still very real. Your smartphone is basically a mini-computer and just as you will take precautions with your computer you need to be equally as cautious with your phone.

One area that many people compromise the security of their cell phones is by downloading free ringtones. Custom ringtones are very popular. Everyone wants to replace the preloaded tones on their phones with ringtones that express their own personality. Music and video based ringtones top the list and the fastest way to secure them is to download the ones that are freely available at file sharing sites. The sites promise to send the ringtones directly to your phone. It’s easy to find wallpapers and games on these sites as well.

The major problem with sites is that some of them violate copyright laws and sometimes Trojans horses can also be embedded with your download. Before you know it your cell phone might be affected by a nasty virus or worm.

To get free ringtones the safe way you should stick to reputable sites when downloading ringtones or get free reputable ringtone makers to make your ringtone yourself. This way you avoid any unwanted surprises.

Other ways to protect your cell phone include adding an antivirus and keeping it up to date and using only trustworthy software for creating ringtones. Get a reputable program for making ringtones and take a few extra minutes to make your ringtone yourself and in the end your phone will be safer for it.


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